Pembrokeshire Photography Workshops

Take your photography to the next level with experienced guide and photographer Rachel Mullett.

Choose  landscape, puffin or bespoke photography tours.

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Beginners Landscape Photography Course

Rachel Mullett of Pembrokeshire moments running landscape photography workshops in pembrokeshire

Take your photography to the next level on a fun, informal but informative photography course. This beginner’s landscape photography course is approximately 3 hours.  £130 per person and up to 4 participants.  This ensures  groups are small and friendly   The venue will be  discussed with participants and Rachel will suggest a beautiful Pembrokeshire location to suit weather conditions, light and everyone’s preferences.  Rachel will take you through the capabilities of your digital camera, the basic rules of good photographic composition  and teach you how to understand ISO, aperture and shutter speed so that you can take your photographic skills to a higher level and go home with a better understanding of your camera and fantastic photographs of Pembrokeshire.  Choose your dates from the calendar below to book your date (other dates may well be available so get in touch if you can’t see one that suits). Easy access sites are available if necessary.


Not ready to choose a date yet or buying as a gift? Then buy a voucher to use when booking at a later date…


If a date is not booked on purchase your Voucher is valid for 12 months Rachel will meet you at an agreed location

48 hours required for cancellation where another date can be arranged. If weather is unsuitable another date can be arranged – if this is not possible a £40 deposit will be retained and rest of course fees refunded.

Course may take up to 4 persons which is a great opportunity to meet and make new photography friends


What to bring

Camera, tripod and spare batteries

Suitable Footwear to be worn

Depending on weather hat, sunscreen, coat, water etc.

Terms & conditions

For H & S reasons please follow any instructions given and carry suitable travel insurance if necessary.

Your voucher is valid for 12 months and every effort will be made to re-arrange if weather is not suitable or you cancel (with 48 hours notice).  If this is not possible a £40 deposit will be retained and the balance of the fees  refunded.

Skomer Island Puffin Photography

skomer island photography workshops with rachel mullett learning bird in flight photography

This is an unique opportunity to visit Skomer Island with an experienced photography guide who is licenced by the South West Wales Wildlife Trust to take parties to the island.  £190 per person (including boat and landing fees) – up to 4 participants.  Rachel grew up on a farm on the Dale peninsular and spends many hours photographing puffins on Skomer during the puffin breeding season.  She will know exactly where to take you  to capture fantastic puffin images and maybe spot the short eared owls that come to breed on Skomer Island every year. With Rachel’s tutoring you can practise your bird in flight photography with puffins, owls, guillemots and razorbills in a stunning location and make new photography friends.  Skomer Island has magnificent flowers during the summer months that act as a glorious backdrop for puffin photography.  This course is very popular and guests have been delighted with the images they have managed to capture of these beautiful birds. Places  need to be booked well in advance to secure places as there is an online booking system for the island that books out very quickly.  Please choose from available dates or get in touch to discuss availability.

Not ready to choose a date yet or buying as a gift? Then buy a voucher to use when booking at a later date…


You will have 4.5 hours on Skomer Island

Price includes boat and  landing fees

A non refundable deposit of £44 will be retained  if you have to cancel your course – other course fees will be refunded if cancelled within 48 hours of trip.  

What to bring

Camera, battery and spare memory cards – tripod not a necessity for this trip

Food, water, sunscreen, hat, warm clothing

Lunch and drinks as no cafe on island

Terms & conditions

This course requires a reasonable level of fitness as there are steep steps to be climbed on landing and rough paths to be walked for several hours.

Cancellation will only be accepted with 48 hours notice and a deposit of £44 will be retained to cover non-refundable costs.

Attendees must follow instructions from tutor and carry suitable travel insurance if necessary.

Exclusive Photography Tour of Pembrokeshire

bespoke photography tours of Pembrokeshire

This course is built specifically for  you and your party at £220 for your small group (up to 3) for a land based tour.  In a nutshell all that Pembrokeshire has to offer can be incorporated into a fabulous day out with your camera.  Just relax and enjoy this 5 hour landscape tour to several spectacular locations of your choice and you will go home with amazing photographs of Pembrokeshire.  Rachel, who was born in Pembrokeshire knows the county very well and  will drive you from location to location if you wish and will also be on hand to give photography tips if required. Choose your dates from the calendar or get in touch to arrange availability.

The Pembrokeshire coast has magnificent wildlife so if you wish to upgrade to a bespoke  wildlife boat tour where you can see seals, dolphin, manx shearwater and gannets please get in touch to arrange.  We even have red squirrel in the county if these are on your photography wish list!





Not ready to choose a date yet or buying as a gift? Then buy a voucher to use when booking at a later date…


An exclusive 4/5 hour tour built especially for you and your party.

What to bring

Camera, sturdy footwear and the usual protective clothing, sunscreen, hats etc…. drinks and snacks

Terms & conditions

All cancellations must be received 48 hours before the course and every effort will be made to accommodate another suitable date but if this is not possible a £40 deposit will be retained the balance of the course refunded